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Partial Hospitalization

Individuals who meet the treatment criteria for Partial Hospitalization will spend up to six days per week, 5 hours per day at  Sunshine Recovery. During program hours guests will:

  • Attend Individual Therapy with a primary counselor
  • Attend Group Therapy
  • Attend addiction education and life skills groups
  • Be evaluated by our psychiatrist for symptom concerns and medication management.

Mental Health Treatment

Our doctors and therapists are licensed and trained to also treat depression, anxiety, family and marital conflict, abuse and trauma as well as medication management. This type of therapy does not necessarily have to co-occur with addiction for a client to utilize our services.

Intensive Outpatient

We Provide IOP and also work with some of the best IOP programs in the country to get you back into a healthy routine
Individuals who meet the criteria for the Day IOP will:

  • Attend addiction education and life skills groups
  • Meet with an individual therapist.
  • Be provided psychiatric services and medication management will be provided on an as needed basis.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming is also used for Partial Hospitalization guests as a “step down” to a lower level of care. This increases the participant’s responsibility as it decreases the number of days attending.

Our Mission

Change your PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS at Sunshine Shores Recovery. Located in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida, one of America’s most beautiful lake towns, we take pride in servicing the Central Florida region. We take a unique Holistic approach to addiction treatment. We believe in evaluating and treating the whole person through the use of individual sessions, education, art/music, mindfulness, meditation, physical activity, nutrition and wellness techniques and methods. By assisting individuals to tap into their own healing abilities we believe every person has within themselves, a chance for a FULL RECOVERY

Most Major Insurances Accepted. Verify Your Insurance Here.

Scored 100 out of 100 for The State of Florida’s DCF Yearly Audit



Jan 3, 2018  |  Newark, New Jersey

I can't think of the best way to say thanks to Sunshine Recovery. They went out of their way to help me. I literally can't think of one bad thing to say. I loved this place and would go back if I ever needed to.


Jan 16, 2018  |   San Francisco, California

Sunshine Saved my life! Thank you too all the staff who gave me individualized care. My family thanks you as well. Would Highly recommend this place to anyone!


Jan 2, 2018  |  New York, New York

Sunshine is amazing! I don't think I would of made it anywhere else. I can't believe this actually worked for me. I am beyond grateful for this place. They literally saved my life!

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